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We !!WON!! The celebrated service award!!! Thanks to our Clients and Friends and Family for coming threw for us here at The Parlor! We could have never done this without you all! Thanks for giving us this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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WE NEED YOUR HELP!!! The Parlor Tattooing, has been nominated for the 2013 Celebrated Service award given by Celebration Cinema. The award is given by our local cinema to recognize outstanding customer service. This is the first time a business of this sort has ever been nominated for this award, let alone been a strong competitor !! The other competing nominees consist of corporations, retail stores, banks & restaurants. If The Parlor were to win this award, it would be a win for the entire tattoo-loving community across the board!! We are asking for your help by giving your support through votes. The voting is completely free and you will never receive any spam-type messages. All you need to do is text the word “Parlor” to 22333 a total of FIVE times. 5 texts = 5 votes (max)!!! You may also cast an additional ONE vote per email address on the website, There you can view the prizes & other nominees and learn more about what the award represents. We give our heartfelt thanks for your support, time, and consideration in reading this and for voting. Again, a win like this for a tattoo parlor is a dream come true for the shop, clients, and the tattoo world as a whole. Thank you & take care!!

Vintage Family Portrait

Ramona’s Portrait of her and her mother when she was a child. 

Tyler Carr RIP

Please, Please visit on Facebook  the “Online Auction To Support The Carr Family” Page. Please take the time to read this and like the page. There goal is to make it up to 500 !LIKES! So help this family out that has been threw so much.

Memorial Cross

Peacock Feather


The Parlor Tattooing is hosting Go Red For Women on Feb 25. We are dedicating this day to fighting heart disease in women and donating all of the proceeds to the American Heart Association. We will be offering 25 dollar tattoos of the small red dress all day long. Donations will be accepted also. So come out to support our local ladies!!!

Erica’s Statement to the world. Thanks Erica for letting me be apart of this.


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